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Now with MORE winners each Friday night!

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Kick-off your weekend with some extra cash with our weekly cash draws Friday night!  This week, there’s $7,000 up for grabs!

Come along from 7.30pm for the chance to win a share in $7,000 cash ! We are now offering MORE winners each Friday night! 

$5,000 GUARANTEED CASH (drawn until won) includes:

  • $1,000 to be won at 7.30pm
  • 4 x $250 draws to be won at 8.00pm
  • $1,000 to be won at 8.30pm
  • 4 x $250 draws to be won at 9.00pm
  • $1,000 to be won at 9.15pm


  • $2,000 jackpot at 9.30pm

There will be one draw for the jackpot draws. If  unclaimed, an additional separate $2,000 jackpot will be up for grabs on the following Friday.


Spend just $5 at the bars, bistro and coffee shop or play $5 on any gaming machine to enter.  Entries are generated for the guaranteed cash draws from 5pm on the day of the draw.  Entries for the jackpots are generated throughout the week leading up to draw night.